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CHP Products

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generation is the generation of heat and electricity from a single fuel input such as gas or oil. In contrast to traditional national grid power generation stations, where the heat produced during production is typically wasted to atmosphere, Combined Heat and Power Units capture this heat and produces hot water, steam or hot air.

Our Range of CHPs

F4energy CSM Ltd offer a full range of prepackaged engines from 70kWe to 400kWe.

We also sell the General Electric family of Jenbacher turbo charged engines in power ranges from 400kWe to 2000kWe.

Being both economical and efficient, our CHP compact modules offer a financially attractive way of generating heat and electrical power. Units are available for both natural gas and biogas applications.

Co-generation power plants are based on the principle of combined heat and power generation. CHPs act like a mini power station which supply “behind the meter” electricity and thermal heat in the form of hot water or steam. The heat from the CHP can also be used to feed an absorption chiller, so the plant heats in winter and cools in summer – with an optimized capacity usage all through the year. F4energy have several Trigen (Heating Cooling and Electricity) Units in operation around around the country.

For more information on CHP, or to examine the feasibility for your site, please contact F4energy by email or phone.