F4energy have been operating in the energy market for over 20 years, installing generation plant of all types and providing energy efficiency solutions to commercial and industrial clients.


Our 4 Step Philosophy

Meter your energy so you get to know your energy usage as well as your business energy profile

Invest in energy efficiency measures which always have a better payback than Solar

When all of the cost-effective energy efficiency measures have been implemented – install solar

Maximise the solar install using the roof area and ESB connection as separate business opportunities. Go big.

F4energy CSM Ltd

About F4energy

Established in 2001, F4energy Integration Ltd is the leading Irish Combined Heat and Power engineering company, focusing on the turnkey supply of CHP Power Solutions to the Hotel, Hospital, Industry and Pharma Sectors supported by a Professional Service & Maintenance Division.

With a project history stretching back 10 years and in excess of 60 installations operating, F4energy Integration Ltd is the preferred CHP supplier within the Republic of Ireland having installed projects ranging in size from 100kWe to 3MWe.

F4energy Company Ethos and Vision

Our Vision

To offer the client the highest probability, of the best financial return, over the longest period of time with the lowest technical risk.